Pink Peony Topiary Tutorial

I made two of these topiaries for our wedding this upcoming June.
I originally posted the tutorial on my wedding planning blog, but I thought I would post the tutorial here because these can easily be made to decorate for spring… or year-round, which is what I plan to do after the wedding. :)

I used the following materials and supplies:

Instructions for how to make one topiary:

1. Take the peony heads off of the stems.
2. Begin placing some of the peonies in the foam ball to determine spacing.
3. After determining spacing, remove the peonies.
4. Begin applying hot glue to the green tip of peony and inserting it in the pre-made hole.
5. Continue step 4 until the entire ball is covered with peonies.
6. Insert 4 floral foam pieces into the pot
7. Determine the center of the pot and insert a bundle of twisted willow branches into the floral foam.
8. Use the remaining 4 floral foam pieces to secure the willow branches in the pot. You may need to use your knife to cut the foam to fit.
9. With your tape measure, measure 16 inches up the willow branches and make a notch with your scissors or knife.
10. With your hedge clippers, chop off the willow branches above your notch.
11. Take your peony ball and insert it on top of the willow branches, making at least a 1 inch hole in the foam.
12. Insert hot glue into hole in foam in peony ball and immediately place on top of willow branches.Hold it in place for a few minutes, allowing the glue to dry.
13. Lay the Spanish moss over the floral foam in the pot, covering it so that the floral foam is not visible. If you wish to secure the moss, glue it to the floral foam using the glue gun.
***Note: My topiaries came out to be 27 inches tall. Kind of a random height, but I went with what looked best proportion-wise to the peony pomander and the white pot.


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    Thank you so much for sharing this! They look absolutely FANTASTIC! Visiting from Making Monday Marvelous and am your newest follower now!

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    Those are so cute!! I love them. Where did you find the bundle of willow branches? Did you buy it or gather it from the backyard? I’m following you now, would love if you could follow back :)

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    This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to try making one of these to add to my kitchen decor. :)

    Found you through Too Cute Tuesday and am now a follower! Stop by mu blog when you have a chance–I’d love to have you join my followers, as well! :)

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    I didn’t find if you said how high the final project was but I’m guessing shy of 2′ (?). I’m too cheap to buy artificial, so I’m going to try this using the plastic bag technique. Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Love that! I think I will make them as decorations for my sister’s baby shower. Where did you find the willow sticks at? Absolutely gorgeous! :)

    Visiting from Serenity Now.

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    So, you commented on MY blog before I had a chance to come here and tell you about your Feature. ;) It was my pleasure…this was a fabulous project. Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. I hope you’ll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

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